Tenant Reviews

Many of our Tenants have lived at Concord Village Apartments for 10, 20, 30, and 40 years!  Make Concord Village your home with good neighbors.


The reviews below were provided to us by our tenants when asked,

Do we make you happy?


I have lived in Concord Village Apartments for 38 years.  This speaks highly for this apartment.  Why I have lived here happy and satisfied are: 

1.  The most convenient location of any apartment in Sherman... near grocery stores, shopping, hospital, malls, and downtown.

2.  One check writing includes rent, utilities, and cable.

3.  The grounds are well lighted.

4.  On-Site Maintenance.


I have lived in Concord Village Apartments for 28 years!  I write one check each month for rent & utilities and cable.  I hope to live in Concord Village for another 28 years.  SW

Very Happy!!  The residents are well taken care of, problems are resolved quickly.   Concord Village is a quiet comfortable place to live.  Lisa is the BEST ever!     O.S.

Concord Village Apartment Complex is by far, the best apartment complex in the Sherman area.  Everything is wonderful and everyone is so kind and thoughtful!  I would not think of living anywhere else.    J.E.


I have lived at Concord for years. My present downstairs apartment has been completely renovated. A feeling of security, prompt maintenance, closeness to church, shopping, friends and good neighbors are important advantages to me.  D. T.



  October 2018  
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